STYLE GURU STYLE: Runway Bullfighter

Every time when I pass the window of Dolce&Gabbana, I have to stop. The first minute is spent thoroughly appreciating the featured items. Next, I need another minute to do window shopping. Last, but not the least, I have to take a picture. Dolce&Gabbana is definitely my favorite brand. This week, I would like to translate a runway style from Dolce&Gabbana’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection to a daily look. When it comes to a runway-to-daily-basis transformation, it’s undeniably important to capture the most representative element of a specific collection. Evoking the spirits of bullfighters, this collection depicts the fierce, but also the elegant side of the Dolce army.

I thought that the colors red and black should be the main theme of my recreation. These two colors together narrate a vivid fighting story of a bullfighter. Therefore, I start off my look with a floral red dress, which has floral prints in black hues. I picked a floral piece instead of a plain, red one because there were embroidered carnations everywhere on the runway pieces. A dress with floral prints can be pretty similar to the pattern featured in the Dolce&Gabbana collection.

The color black is also a crucial part of this Dolce style. Accordingly, I paired my dress with some super cool accessaries in black. The first one is a black, floppy hat with a wide brim. Floppy hats are very easy to wear; they go with a lot styles and shapes of faces. Black floppy hats can also bring out the glamorous side of you. It is worthwhile to invest in one because you will love it immediately. The second piece is a mini cross-body bag. I’ve seen a lot of mini bags with fascinating designs coming out recently. Whether it is the Fendi Mini Peekaboo bags or the new ones from the Louis Vuitton cruise 2015 collection, it can only be inferred that small is the new big. This little bag only adds more attraction, instead of stealing attention away from the red dress. 

Get My Look: 1. Any floral red dress. 2. A black floppy hat. 3. A mini black bag.