One of fall Fashion Week’s best shows was Dolce&Gabbana fall 2015 ready-to-wear. The way they incorporated pregnant women, mom’s and children in their runway stole the hearts of all viewers. But, what stole my attention was their use of my favorite color- red. Whether it’s the main color of the garment or in the floral details, this collection is red all over. Dolce&Gabbana ads for this line have every generation of women on them with grandmothers, moms and children and they have done a fabulous job making the timeless floral design wearable for each generation.

I bring this collection into my own style by wearing this all red jumpsuit. Much like the staple floral print, jumpsuits are easy for Fashionistas at any age to wear. It’s a great piece for the young Fashionista-in-training, a perfect outfit for a mom on-the-go and the most comfortable chic pant suit for the older women.

Red is one of my favorite colors because it can be worn all year-round. It goes perfectly with the fall and winter, but also is the standout color to make your wardrobe pop in the summer. Also, with a jumpsuit you can wear it during fall and winter with a light jacket or save it for those breezy summer nights. The Dolce&Gabbana line keeps the versatile theme with their use of colors and darks making their outfits “ready-to-wear” all year long.

Topping off this outfit, I added printed wedge to add some flavor to my look. Like Dolce&Gabbana, you always want to have some fun with your basic pieces, so don’t be afraid to make the look your own.

Get My Look: 1. Red jumpsuit. 2. Printed wedge. 3. Jewelry.