STYLE GURU STYLE: Rock n' Roll Twist

While rock and roll music might feel outdated, it’s fashion is making a comeback! It’s no surprise that the oversize T-shirts, ripped jeans, and boots are making a comeback—they’re super cute. This trend is everywhere, so you won’t have to dig through your dad’s old clothes or hit up a thrift store. Almost all fashion stores are selling band shirts and inspired rock and roll apparel. Not to mention, they already come distressed. Pretty groovy, right? Now if rock and roll isn’t your scene, but you want to be a part of this trend, I’ve got a girly approach awaiting you!

For this look, I took a band T-shirt inspired black dress and dressed it up. To complement my waist and give the look a more girly feel, I tied a green jacket around my waist. Not only will this slim your look, it adds a hint of denim—something essential to the rock and roll lifestyle. The secret to making any outfit look great is accessories! Personally, I love the sophisticated look stacked rings give to your hands. For arm candy, I kept it simple with only one gold bangle. I made all my accessories gold colored so that they would look uniform next to my gold chained purse. Since this look is rocker inspired, I topped off the outfit with some knee-high velvet boots.

You probably won’t find any other rock and roll chick wearing an outfit this cute and girly. Call it a modern twist to the rock and roll craze! Grab yourself some cool shades and own this look! Rock on, Fashionistas!