STYLE GURU STYLE: Risky Business

Yes, you read that right. Risky is a characteristic that I love taking into account when coming up with my outfit for the day. I feel that it is necessary for women and men to be risky and choose “out of the box” outfits. It allows you, to be you! The term “Risky Business” is generally used during Halloween, when college girls wear button down shirts and go to Frat parties pretending to be Tom Cruise from the movie Risky Business. For this outfit, I put a little twist into the so-called costume. I made it my own and made it more fun rather than an oversize button-down and knee-high socks.

In this outfit, there are various components that make it come together. First, let’s start off with the shirt. This specific striped button-down shirt is oversize. What’s special about this shirt is that it has tassels along the bottom to turn a simple look into something fun. The shirt can be worn as a short dress, like shown, or even with leggings or dark colored jeans. Next come the shoes (the most important aspect). Because the shirt is long, but not long enough to wear with short booties, I decided to pair it with tan thigh high suede boots. Finally, the accessories come into play (my favorite part). Since Boston is freezing (as you can tell from the snow in the pictures shown), I decided to pair it with a dark blue fur vest that matches the tassels on the end of the shirt. The vest compliments the tassels well, allowing them both to stand out. I then added a rose gold and silver watch, a simple Alex and Ani bracelet, and a gold pendant. This outfit is perfect for the “in between” weather. In Boston, the weather changes from feeling like you are living in the North Pole to living in San Francisco. This look is perfect for a night out on the town with your girlfriends or even on a romantic date with a cute guy.

My inspiration for this outfit came from Khloe Kardashian. Khloe had a few outfits where she would wear long sweatshirt type short dresses with thigh high boots. I found it to be so chic, yet risky at the same time. I think it’s a good way for someone to get out of their shell and try something new. So be risky my fellow style loves! Take Risks! Don’t follow the trend, be the trend.