STYLE GURU STYLE: Reverse The Romper

In the Anna Sui resort 2016 collection, Anna uses a lot of prints and floral with duller colors in the form of flowing dresses or skirts. She uses trims and frills to accent each piece. She completes the looks with high black boots. This look is timeless and works for pretty much any occasion.

A staple in my closet during the fall and wintertime is knee high boots. I love the way they can dress up any outfit and how they cover my legs so I can still stay warm without wearing tights. I’m usually not big into dresses or skirts just because I feel that it’s uncomfortable to keep fidgeting to upkeep the look. Rompers, however, have always been a personal favorite of mine. They’re comfortable and I don’t have to worry about things coming undone.

I’m a fan of this look, but instead of wearing a dress or skirt, I chose a romper with a similar dull red print. The bottom of the romper swings out to give that dress-like look and add an extra bit of flare. I added my knee-high suede black boots to pull this look together. I wanted to keep it simple and classic like Anna Sui does, so I didn’t jump for any heavy jewelry. Instead, I wore simple, stackable bracelets.

This outfit is definitely great for a winter day or night. It’s comfortable and a nice twist on a runway look. What more can you ask for?

Get My Look: 1. Any romper with a dull pattern. 2. Knee-high boots. 3. Simple bracelets or necklace.