STYLE GURU STYLE: Retro Monochrome

It’s a new month and a new season, and I am living for the chance to finally try out some spring trends! May has a special place in my heart because it’s not only my birthday month (hello to all my Tauruses out there!), but it’s also the time that Seattle starts to show some sun and bloom its gorgeous flowers. Warm weather calls for flowy looks and cute sunnies. With the last post of the semester, I wanted to give you a glimpse of some trends I’m seriously loving right now.

The statement sunglasses give my whole monochrome outfit a pop of color. These red sunglasses are always in my bag if I need an extra oomph to my outfit. Retro sunglasses are so cute and can throw your outfit back into the 1900s. Even if brightly colored sunglasses aren’t your thing, you can always grab for a pair of cat-eye ones (that are just as retro) or any of the other cool shapes and sizes sunglasses are coming in now!

Pinstripes are a huge spring and summer trend so if you’re not on that bandwagon yet, I’d consider hopping on it soon. These monochrome pinstriped pants add to that retro feel, but also make it a perfect summer look. I love how they’re flowy and perfectly cropped around my shins because, along with the pinstripe pattern, they all work well to elongate my legs.

To add a touch of femininity, I layered a lace bralette with a lace crop top. I’m really into monochrome looks, but you can always wear a colorful bralette or shoes to match your sunglasses. You could also argue this is a color-block look with the divisions between white and black and I’d agree—but it might also be the colorful and crazy wall art talking! I love color-blocking so if see-through lace is too much for your taste, wear a color-blocked top instead.

I had a super fun semester blogging for you guys; I’m glad to announce I’ll be back for next semester. As my freshman year of college wraps up, I’ll catch up with you guys soon for another semester with CollegeFashionista!