STYLE GURU STYLE: Resort Season a Bit Early

Typically, fashion’s resort season doesn’t hit stores until November. Some of you may be thinking, resort season in November? Yes, it’s true. Resort season was started because for many in the upper class, time in the winter after the holidays was reserved for vacations in tropical destinations, requiring a whole new wardrobe of lighter, more playful clothes—hence the need for designers to put out lines of clothing specifically for the occasion. Many brands have recently been having runway shows for their resort (sometimes referred to as cruise) collections, a few of which have even been featured on Snapchat, including Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. So, as I was looking online at some of these recent runway shows, I came across Bottega Veneta’s resort 2016 collection and fell in love with some of the looks.

The collection, designed by Thomas Maier, combines neutral blacks and browns with pops of brighter reds, pinks, oranges and blues, giving the looks a bit more of a resort feel. Many of the looks seem to incorporate menswear-inspired pieces, including some long, structured blazers and slip-on sneakers. To go along with this boyish feel, the collection also featured a few colorful bomber jackets, with one teal leather one that caught my eye specifically.

A few days after seeing the collection online, I found this navy bomber jacket at the thrift store and knew immediately that I wanted to create a look inspired by Bottega Veneta. I loved the stripes of red and white around the sleeves and collar of the jacket, so it was the perfect piece to center my look around. I paired the jacket with a white lace top to make the outfit a bit more girly for my style, and added my favorite pair of distressed boyfriend jeans to keep a relaxed feel to the look. To finish it off, I put on some red sneakers and fun pair of sunglasses, keeping the accessories to a minimum just like the specific look from the collection that I was drawing inspiration from.

Although resort season won’t technically be starting for a while, there’s no reason that you can’t get a jumpstart on this runway trend and try incorporating a fun bomber jacket into your own wardrobe today. Personally, I’m so glad I found this jacket because I love the style, and I think there are so many other ways that it can be mixed and matched with my clothes. So try checking out a thrift store near you and who knows, you just might find an awesome bomber jacket, too!

Get My Look: 1. Colored bomber jacket. 2. Boyfriend jeans. 3. Sneakers.