I have always had an ironic soft spot in my heart for leather. Jackets, boots, skirts, you name it—I’m a fan. Though I’ve thought myself to be an expert on all things leather, I still find myself amazed at the amount of variety the skin has to offer. Louis Vuitton’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection debuted leather ranging from solid purses to two-toned striped dresses. As I mentioned before, as a fan of the hard skin, after I saw this collection, I was inspired to incorporate a bit of colorful leather into my wardrobe.

The moment I saw this red leather jacket, I was reminded of Louis Vuitton’s collection and knew I had to have it and style it into my famously dark wardrobe. As for the runway models, if they were not wearing bright and stand-out colors, they were dressed head to toe in smokey colors such as black, white, gray and navy. Channelling and inspired by Louis Vuitton, I decided to pair this statement piece with a monochromatic outfit and let the jacket do all the talking.

Under my leather jacket, I wore a tulip slit white tank top. Loose and flowy, this top was also inspiration from the Louis Vuitton collection due to the stylish dresses and shirts. In order to leave the rest of the outfit simple and incorporating a sense of my style, I wore my favorite pair of high-waisted black jeans and black leather boots. To finish off my ensemble and block my eyes from the sunny North Philadelphia skies, I wore a pair of aviator sunglasses. Though these glasses did their job in shielding my eyes from the sun, they also helped me channel my inner leather biker chick (which is always an added bonus)!

Get My Look: 1. Red leather jacket. 2. White tank top.. 3. Aviator sunglasses.