STYLE GURU STYLE: Rebel With a Cause

Although July has snuck into our lives, my sartorial mindset is still stuck back in October. While I can appreciate the creamy pastels and electric colors of summer, I will always choose black, white and neutrals at every chance I get. It’s not impossible to incorporate these hues into a warmer wardrobe, and I’ve found a few simple changes can keep the colors and styles you love most from other seasons versatile throughout the rest of the year. Rather than prepping my closet for summer, I’ve rebelled and continued to recycle my favorite fall pieces.

Courrèges’ 2017 resort collection is a sophisticated snub to the bright colors usually associated with summer. Except for a few pairs of shorts, the line’s ash black and snow white pieces look fit for the fall and winter months. Taking note, I stuck with a mock turtleneck crop top. Its sweater material kept my autumn go-to a priority, but the cut and style considered the summer heat. I chose black high-waisted jeans to balance out the silhouette, and because no matter how warm it gets, they’ll always be my favorite pair of pants.

I added a few touches of summer to distinguish between seasons. My bangle is a nod to the everlasting bohemian trend, and my lace-up wedges are a paradox between casual and classy for summer dressing. Depending on the occasion and the weather, it’s easy to swap out the jeans for some black high-waisted shorts, or swap out the wedges for a trendy pair of adidas Stan Smiths or New Balance 574s.

Despite my stubbornness and refusal to let go of fall trends, I found it’s easy to stick to your personal style by making a few adjustments. And who knows, come fall time I might not want to say goodbye to my summer favorites.

Get My Look: 1. Black jeans. 2. Bangle. 3. Crop top. 4. Wedges.