STYLE GURU STYLE: Raiding Mom's Closet

July 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

The denim skort I’m wearing is from my mom’s closet. She was actually going to give it away, but I stole it from her right before she had the chance. The piece is a classic and it fits like a glove. What more could you ask for in a skort?

Denim skirts and skorts are back on trend, especially those of the mini and high-waisted variety. So you can go ahead and raid through your closet, trying to dig out that denim skirt from junior high. I actually spent time trying to find mine the other day and unfortunately discovered that I had given it away. Thankfully I found this beauty and didn’t have to relive the days of junior high. Finding that denim skirt would certainly make me reminisce about the days of Puka shell necklaces, bleached tips, braces and graphic band T-shirts. Oh, the horror.

This summer I’ve enjoyed pairing my mother’s hand-me-down denim skort with a wide array of garments for a variety of occasions. Today, when I went biking with my sister, I wore the skort with white Converse, a black camisole and a tribal print backpack. On Friday, I wore the skort with a navy floral print kimono, a grey high neck camisole, a tan structured saddle bag, and leather ankle strap flats with turquoise details. As for the outfit pictured above, it was just something I threw together before heading to the zoo on a beautiful summer day.

Get My Look: 1. Black Cropped T-Shirt. 2. Denim Skort. 3. Tan Fedora. 4. Black Espadrilles. 5. Round Sunglasses. 6. Tribal Print Backpack.