STYLE GURU STYLE: Racing Stripes And Runways

I have a soft spot for stripes. Growing up every single school picture I took featured a striped article of clothing in whatever color I could find. When I saw the Carven spring/summer 2015 collection it took me back to my old elementary days when I wore stripes as my own personal uniform.

What I love about the collection is the fearless and artful mixture of color, pattern and print. There are bright colors that are balanced by the neutral tones of animal prints, black and white. The utilization of stripes throughout each of the garments evokes a chic and sporty spirit. Even in how the models are holding the purses as if they are helmets and the line down the center of the runway, the theme is seamlessly translated during the entire show. Additionally, the stripes on the clothing are elongating the body giving the appearance of added height. Overall, the combination of a striking statement print and clean striping is ideal for a stylish Fashionista on the go!

With the Carven inspiration in mind, I created my own look perfect for running around the city in with my best friend. Carven’s collection contains a variety of structured dresses and matching, so I felt a jumpsuit would be the best bridge between these two criteria. Jumpsuits are great because they are an all in one garment, taking the majority of the guess work out of finding something to wear. In other words, they are great time savers!

The jumpsuit I am wearing is from Forever 21. It has a halter style neckline and an open back that is great for summer. On trend with Carven, it has a color blocked hot pick racing stripe which is a strong contrast to its black complement.

I paired the jumpsuit with black wide strapped sandals. since the colors of my garment are so bold I wanted to keep my accessories minimal with a simple gunmetal necklace and my spoon ring. Whether you are on a runway or headed to class, I think this is a must try outfit for this summer!

Get My Look: 1. Halter jumpsuit. 2. Sandals. 3. Spoon ring.