STYLE GURU STYLE: Quick and Easy

As the semester comes to an end, focusing on classes and school work seems unbearable. Waking up early is hard enough on it’s own, but putting together a cute outfit while you’re tired and have other things to focus on? Well, that sounds impossible. My style consists of a lot of quick and easy outfits.

I find that the best way to solve the hassle of putting together an outfit in the morning, is to put on a jumpsuit. A jumpsuit is a one piece outfit, top and bottom connected. I personally love jumpsuits and have a bunch of them in my wardrobe. This jumpsuit is the perfect answer to any warm summer or spring day. With the light red and white striped pattern and strapless cut, this jumpsuit can be warn casually to class, or even to a more upscale event. The airy bottom allows for you to be comfortable throughout class and walking through your city or campus.

Since the day this outfit was worn was a bit breezy, I chose a distressed denim jacket to throw on top, giving the look a bit of a more casual vibe. I love this denim jacket, and always try to find a way to incorporate it into my outfits. To top off the look, I wore a strapped pair of sandals. I feel that a shoe can really make or break an outfit, deciding whether or not a shoe fits with an outfit is a hard decision, but an important one. Along with the importance of shoes, comes with the importance of accessories. I chose to wear a pair pearl and gold, long dangling earrings. With a low heel and statement earring, it can seem like there was a little more effort in putting the outfit together.

Having a quick outfit to throw on in the morning is crucial for any college student. For me, there is nothing worse than rolling out of bed and having to run around your dorm room searching for a perfect outfit and making your room a mess.