With deeper jewel tones and neutral palettes sticking around for fall, I channeled my inner cool-girl vibe to wave goodbye to the last heat wave of summer and welcome the chillier days of autumn. With the help of Chloé’s fall-tinged hues and stealing from Madewell’s earthy, denim-centered look, I managed to produce a chic, effortless combo that’s wearable to any summertime outing.

Madewell’s bohemian theme is a trend that has continued to show its face for the past couple of years. With the recent throwback to ’70s style (think flowy tops, statement pants, elongated silhouettes and denim combos), Madewell’s personalized tribute to the decade is evident in the upcoming fall season. The best way to describe the line is cozy, earth-toned bookworm meets minimalist, fresh-faced intern. To tone down the stark cuts and the bolder hues, I warmed up my look with inspiration from the eternally chic brand, Chloé. The playful, it-girl feel is a constant thread between all of Chloé’s lines and a blend of the two brands left me with a soft, urbanite ensemble.

I wore a slouchy, gray tank top, a versatile piece that I could tuck in or leave loose, to give a music festival meets street style look. I incorporated Madewell’s vibe by donning a stylish pair of skinny jeans and cuffing the ends for a punch of attitude. My suede booties, pearl earrings and subtly winged sunglasses took it down a notch and left me with a more feminine result, inspired by Chloé. My braid crown blended the two different styles together by mixing a messy boho updo with the finesse of a Parisian it-girl. Finishing everything off with a gold cuff, watch and hazelnut-colored belt, gave me a final earthy touch, a good choice for summer days spent outside.

Making bold statements can be done just as easily with minimalist pieces as it is with more vibrant ones. Mixing trends and clashing different styles such as boho and girly can leave you with a new variety of fashion ideas and inspiration. There is no better time to experiment than in between seasons, you never know what trendy new looks you can create for wearing when fall is officially here.

Get My Look: 1. A slouchy, versatile tank. 2. Suede, high-heeled booties. 3. Classic skinny jeans. 4. A few chic accessories to finish off the look.