STYLE GURU STYLE: Putting the Mini in Minimal

While the summer season is filled with bright colors, prints and piña coladas, sticking to basic solids and neutrals is my go-to, especially when it’s minimal. The Calvin Klein resort 2016 collection is not only largely minimalistic, but refreshing to see compared to what comes to mind when you hear “resort.” The color scheme is based on only white, black and a splash of stripes. Another component of this minimal collection that I admired is the incorporation of sneakers with each look. Sneakers have finally been given some limelight within fashion, and rocking a pair of cool sneakers with a chic outfit is a plus in my book. They can be worn in so many ways and with a variety of looks from urban-chic to athletica Fashionista/o.

With my like for both minimal and basic solids, I adopted Calvin Klein’s look with a white waffle cutout crop top, a black sheer maxi skirt and white Nike Air Max Theas. The look in this ensemble and in the Calvin Klein Resort 2016 collection are both comfortable and chic, while including a tad of color-blocking with white solid versus black solid.

Some opposing opinions to minimalism may view it as boring, too basic, not colorful enough or even not feminine. I believe the highlight here, as well with all minimalistic styles, is the attention to detail, fabric choice and the color selection used to draw out the look. Combining the cutout cotton top with the black sheer texture of the maxi skirt plays around with the minimalistic, clean-cut look and is what makes the personality of the outfit.

Sneakers, sneakers, sneakers, must I say you’ve come a long way. For those lovers of urban-chic, a sweet pair of kicks has never been more of a good idea to top off your look. The recent athletica trend is extremely refreshing to see and great example of lines in fashion being bent.

Get My Look: 1. White/nude mesh top. 2. Solid color maxi skirt. 3. A pair of clean-cut sneakers.