STYLE GURU STYLE: Put Some Prep In That Step

I have a confession, and for those of you who know me, this won’t come as a surprise: I am innately draw to anything that is preppy. I will admit that I’ve had my moments where I have tried to be a little less preppy and put together, and a little more “edgy,” but I never feel like I’m in my own skin. In discovering my personal style, I have found that there is just something so refreshing about looking clean and proper, which is exactly what this outfit captures.

Basically since I was big enough to fit into Banana Republic’s clothing I have always loved shopping there. Their clothes are always fresh and proper, without making me look like a grandma stuck in an 18-year-old’s body; there is always a vibe of trendiness and chic added to the clothes which I find highly appealing. In the spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection, Banana Republic features classic items with a twist to the overall look. Typically, what stands out to me is the jewelry or the shoes because of how funky but fun they are. The outfit that I am wearing here does essentially the same thing; while most preppy looks might be completed with a jeweled necklace and a classic pair of flats, I changed it up a bit by throwing on some strappy, pointed-toe flats and a necklace that my friend actually manufactured herself in India (I know, it’s beautiful!).

My favorite part from all from Banana Republic’s collection is definitely the amount of color involved. Honestly, I’m about 99 percent positive that being preppy and loving color go together better than milk and cookies; color is essentially the icing on the cake! I hear all the time how black is slimming and totally chic, but I prefer living, and dressing for that matter, in color! I do, however choose wisely because there’s nothing worse than being too over-the-top with a hundred colors. For this outfit in particular, I incorporated a slight hint of color by adding a bright yellow watch to my outfit; seeing I already had a pink and gold necklace on, the yellow was just enough to balance the outfit without making it look like the rainbow threw up on me. I will typically resort to adding a small touch of color to any outfit because if nothing else, it definitely brightens my mood.

If you’re a prepster like me, you know that you obviously cannot go wrong with a classic pant and a cute, basic vest. Adding these two items to an outfit together screams East Coast-style, but hey, that’s what I’m all about!

Get My Look: 1. Classic white button-up.  2. Strappy flats.  3. Colorful watch.  4. Clubmaster sunglasses.