STYLE GURU STYLE: Punk, Meet Flower Child

My all-time favorite anime is about a punk band trying to make their professional debut. Their lead singer, whose name is Nana, is pretty much my favorite (nonfiction) style icon. She wears platform shoes, leather jackets and plaid miniskirts better than anyone I’ve ever seen, and as she manages to pull off even the most gutsy accessories (like studded chokers), I wonder why I have such difficulty wearing the simplest items, like a pair of overalls that I just can’t seem to style just right. This week, I’ve decided to show off that specific item that’s been hanging in my closet for a little under a year now. The problem was that I never really knew what to wear with them; after realizing this, I turned to the high fashion world for a little help. This is where the gorgeous designs featured in Anna Sui’s resort 2016 collection served to inspire—airy fabrics, feminine prints and contrasting colors make this collection one to remember.

During the show, models wore ensembles that seemed to be built around one central color—black. Regardless, these outfits were nowhere near dark. Channeling the ’70s, most of the collection’s items were printed with blooming, beautiful patterns, such as flowers, trees and fruits. As soft lace details delicately trimmed the edges of dresses and tunics, these models looked like sophisticated free spirits.

After seeing Anna Sui’s designs, I decided to find my inner flower child, and luckily, something creative came from my search. I paired a fuzzy, white flower-printed sweater with my edgy acid wash overall dress, hoping to achieve a sweet-yet-bold look, like Sui’s models. Of course, Nana (my favorite punk rocker) inspired me to wear my velvet choker and platform sandals, which are surprisingly comfortable for walking to class.

Get My Look: 1. A printed floral sweater. 2. Funky overalls of your choice. 3. A pair of rockin’ platforms.