Mixing two contrasting style types usually leads to rewarding visual interest. Whether it’s a military and feminine combo or a grunge and prep mix, I am all over it. I like to be as trendy as I possibly can. By mixing two different style types that are on trend, I am almost guaranteed to be able to create a look that is in season! The key to mixing different style types is to keep it all somewhat cohesive through colors and textures.

Designer Nicole Miller’s pre-fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection is a prime example of excellent style mixing. The collection is a sassy mixture of bohemian and punk style trends. Nicole Miller successfully combined boho floral prints, plaid, peasant skirts and blouses, black sheer paneling and an unexpected camo print that totally all worked together. I was inspired by this line and was quickly obsessed with creating a Nicole Miller-vibed look!

In my outfit, I focused on the floral print, cool leather jackets and black pieces that Nicole Miller designed for her line. I started with a floral print maxi skirt that was almost the perfect match to Nicole Miller’s punky boho print. I threw on a simple black crop top with my skirt for a bit of punk to even out the bold boho skirt. I made sure all my accessories were mostly punk-inspired, just because my boho skirt was so extreme. Nicole Miller used a lot of cross jewelry in her line, so I chose a cross pendant necklace.

A tan leather jacket was the perfect way to connect the two style types. I took inspiration from what Nicole Miller did with her leather jackets. In her line, it seemed that she would pair a punk piece with a boho piece and then throw a jacket on her model. Every look she sent down the runway looked super cohesive, even though she was mixing two different styles. A simple leather jacket is classic enough to mellow out the two extreme style types! My simple, black strap sandals just added another layer of subtle punk-boho.

Get My Look: 1. Floral skirt. 2. Crop top. 3. Leather jacket. 4. Pendant necklace.