STYLE GURU STYLE: Professionalism With Personality

In the magazine industry, especially publications with millennial audiences, everyone dresses super hip. Let’s be honest, I’m constantly stalking the Instagrams of editors and writers, silently envying their effortless style (as well as their awesome jobs). In creative industries, such as the world of magazines, the dress code is laid-back. The offices are a sea of Converse, Beyoncé hoodies, and leather jackets. Translation: they’re amazing.

However, when applying for internships and jobs in these industries, it’s honestly intimidating to construct an outfit that says “I mean business, but look at my great sense of style” without seeming over-the-top. My favorite outfits to wear when grabbing coffee with writers, or even heading into an interview, are business casual with a bit of my personality sprinkled in.

I paired a basic white, long sleeve blouse with black satin joggers because it’s extremely comfortable, but it also makes me feel confident. The black accents on the shirt work nicely with the joggers, and the embroidered detailing around the collar adds some personality to an otherwise basic top. My Adidas Superstars are, perhaps, the biggest risk with this outfit. However, it’s my personality. I have a relaxed personality, and my style is often edgy—two things that my choice of sneakers with this look definitely says about me. For a night out or a special event, I might swap my sneakers for black, single strap heels.

My style is definitely about finding ways to wear pieces in nontraditional settings. Whether it be elevating casual pieces or making fancier pieces more casual, I love to experiment. My biggest piece of advice to anyone feeling the struggle of internship and job hunting right now is to not be afraid to show off your personality, especially through your style. Throw something into your look that screams “This is me!” Define yourself, and you’re sure to be remembered.