STYLE GURU STYLE: Profesional In Black

With summer coming upon us college students finally get a chance to breathe and take a break from classes. Although we are no longer cooped up in the library or drowning in lecture notes we have a summer ahead of us filled with volunteering, internships and job shadowing! Do college kids ever get to catch a break?

A lot of us spend our summer afternoons trying to build our resumes by working or applying to work. I find myself in the summer split between summer dresses and professional attire. When looking for inspiration for my professional attire I saw this look from the Boss Rrsort 2016 collection. It incorporated the current sleek dark trends into a professional look. A lot of outfits the Boss Resort collection took one color palette or print and based the whole entire look of off that one color. Giving the collection a very chic, clean and modern look.

I chose a simple black button-down to tuck into a gray black knee-length structured skirt. I decided to layer a chunky crystal statement necklace to add onto the structured look and I finished my outfit with black crystal flats for sparkle.

All in all the Boss resort 2016 collection showcases very classic modern-chic looks. Similar outfits from the collection can be easily recreated by using classic staples found in your closet! This collection is not one that I would normally be inspired by because I am usually attracted to lots of color and flowy girly clothing. The collection pushed me to try dressing a little out of my normal comfort, but I still felt myself because I added my personality into the outfit! Don’t be afraid to try new things, and be sure to put your own twist into it to fit you!

Get My Look: 1. Black button-down. 2. Gray-black skirt. 3. Statement necklace.