STYLE GURU STYLE: Prints and Princesses

There’s nothing quite like Christian Dior. The name itself exudes class and images of royalty. Time and time again, the brand brings fresh takes to old classics, blending two worlds that seem vastly different. And their latest collection, resort 2017 at Blenheim Palace, brought to life a new kind of harmony. Many of the looks feature silk scarves and pattern mixing, something I’ve always struggled to pull off. I absolutely adore the resort 2017 collection, but I think most of us can definitively say that it’s not exactly practical for day-to-day clothing. In my look, I wanted to incorporate that seamless blending of plaids and paisleys, but in a more everyday way.

In New York City, the summer heat outside (especially in the subway) will melt the flesh off of your bones, but offices and classrooms are always air conditioned to the max! If you’re not wearing enough clothing inside, you’ll turn into a popsicle. My solution to this summertime epidemic? Lightweight, loose tops. I absolutely love this striped top, and knew it’d be a simple base to begin my pattern mixing adventures. I’ll definitely be playing around with this one some more to see what I can mix and match it with.

For the contrasting but complementing pattern, I chose to add a scarf. My grandma has been giving me silk scarves for years and I never thought I’d wear them, but now they’re totally trendy. I have to admit, matching the patterns was not so easy. Through a process of trial and error, I was finally able to make a harmonious Dior-style match.

Get My Look: 1. Rebecca Minkoff Isobel Hobo. 2. Striped bell-sleeve blouse. 3. Lace-up midi Sandals. 4. Polka-dot silk scarf.