STYLE GURU STYLE: Print And Pattern

As a design student it is really easy to get lost in the sea of black. I constantly catch myself dressing in all-black, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try something new and a bit daring for my taste. Drawing inspiration from the resort 2016 collections I notice a fun supply of color and geometrics. And who does it better than Missoni, who in my eyes is the king of print and pattern. They stuck with their traditional use of the “stereowave” pattern in a variety of primary colors to create a lively and psychedelic summer look. When viewing this collection I get lost in the summer haze of the ‘70s. My dad has always said that I was born in the wrong decade, and I’m starting to think he is right.

Missoni’s resort 2016 collection is head to toe in print, which is a little much for me. I think that I need to take baby steps. Dialing it down a bit, I wore a white shift dress with a trapeze silhouette and the hem is embroidered with a vibrant array of retro patterns. I have an undying love for both knits and denim, which are pretty much the main staples of my wardrobe. So of course, I combined a pair of utilitarian jeans with my top for that perfect balance. I love the proportions I was playing with here with my pants hitting my ankles at an angle that is flattering on my short legs. To give myself an extra edge I added a pair of strappy sandals in a neutral tone. I don’t wear heels that often, so this chunky heel is right up my ally.

Adding to my look I wore a small stack of Sisco + Berluti bracelets to mix in more color. I also paired this Missoni knitwear with my beloved vintage crochet clutch, given to me by my grandmother, with the rest of my outfit. I like how the muted colors of the bag look compared against the energetic colors of the dress. This look is all about playing with proportions, mixing and matching textures with prints and using plenty of color.

Get My Look: 1. A shift dress. 2.Utilitarian jeans. 3.Beaded bracelets. 4.Chunky sandals.