When I see the fashions shown on the runway every year, even though they are all beautiful, I like to think practically and how I can interpret them. I definitely cannot afford most items that are shown during fashion week, but I can take what I see, the stores I can afford to shop at and some creativity to create a look that is styled around a designer’s original idea. I recently came across Erdem’s resort 2016 collection and loved the line’s use of print, the color black and their clean lines.

When I first looked through this collection, the use of print is what stood out to me. When it comes to my own wardrobe, I love wearing prints because they are interesting and are a fun way to play with your own personal style. Designer Erdem Moralioglu is said to have been basing this line on several different style eras. However, without looking at the silhouettes of the clothing, the prints gave the collection a bohemian look.

To translate this collection into something that I would wear, I based my look on prints with simple details. I chose a wide legged black pant with a simple diamond design that is not too overbearing on my tiny frame. Since there was a reoccurring appearance of flower details in Erdem’s line, I also chose a white lace crop top that is patched together in a floral design.

The accessories shown in this collection were simple to let the clothing speak for itself. I chose leather bracelets to add a more bohemian style to my outfit and topped it off with some black and brown leather wedges.

Fashion is always changing and designers are always coming out with new ways to express yourself. Fashion week shows so many different kinds of shows that it is guaranteed that you’ll like something you see there! It could even ignite a spark for you to want to try something new in your wardrobe. Really paying attention to Erdem’s collection makes me want to be more adventurous with the prints I choose to wear and the types of silhouettes I try!

Get My Look: To get an outfit based on Erdem’s line like the one I chose to wear, pick out a printed pant, simple designed top and leather bracelets.