Tis’ the winter season my fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos. With summer half a year away, it’s time to embrace the cold, but in style of course.

Inspired by Prada’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection, I decided to wear an outfit which reflected the ’60s, but with a twist of my own. Prada’s collection featured many ’60s inspired beige and gray coats and jackets which are perfect for this winter season. Although beiges and grays are great when trying to match an outfit, sometimes adding a few bold colors is nice change too.

Still feeling festive from the holiday spirit, I decided to be bold and wear my hot pink button-down coat paired with my favorite blue-green purse. The hot pink coat has the unique neckline and large buttons which gives off a ’60s vibe while tying in the modern feel with the splash of hot pink. I personally love this coat because it can be worn with jeans, making the your outfit look instantly sophisticated. Wonder how much it was? I actually bought it at the thrift store for about two dollars in Japan. It’s definitely a purchase I don’t regret.

The blue-green bag is an essential piece to my look as well. Rather than sticking to the neutrals which matches the hot pink jacket easily, I decided to add onto the bold spirit by choosing this eye-catching bag. Even though it is bright, the make and style of the bag is simple and classic, thus allowing the bag to complement the look rather than make it an unwanted attraction.

Since the coat and bag are speaking for themselves, accessorizing this outfit needs to be dealt with precaution. Thus, I decided to stick to the classic theme ’60s elegance and wear a pearled necklace and earrings. The sharp contrast of the pearl’s color and soft feature help give the illusion of sun-kissed skin during the cold winter season.

Last but not least, we have to talk about shoes. Rather than worrying it I would trip or fall, I decided to wear slightly elevated ballet flats. I love these shoes because they are extremely comfortable and match any and every outfit in your closet.

Now that you’re pretty in pink, it’s time to get out of your room and start the year 2016 stylish and warm. Who knows, being bold in pink might just catch the eyes of the guy you’ve been wishing for this year on your new year’s resolution.

Get My Look: 1. Pink coat. 2. Blue-green purse. 3. Elevated ballet flats.