STYLE GURU STYLE: Power of Pants

STYLE GURU STYLE: Power of Pants

Spring 2016 brought not only delightful weather but fashion trends that would carry over for seasons to come and inspire us all to dress confidently. alice + olivia’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection is among my all time favorites, not only for the choice of inspiration but the execution of the clothing as well. The collection was inspired by the “inner goddess” of women, which somehow led them to the desert theme. This concept was intended to introduce versatile pieces that could be worn from day to night with ease. The collection gives off an effortless bohemian vibe.

One of the main focuses of the collection was reintroducing the classic pant, and revitalizing their importance in every woman’s wardrobe. The collection featured a variety of pants, particularly high-waisted, wide-leg and flare styles. The attention to detail of the clothing also adds a luxurious touch to the collection, between the ruffles, hand-embroidery and braiding techniques used.

In my look, I was truly inspired by alice + olivia’s initiative to bring back the power of pants and exude confidence while wearing them. My look features a strapless jumpsuit with a high waist and a wide, cropped leg. Since it is midsummer, the cropped, wide leg pant is definitely airier and more breathable than the pants seen on the runway, but they still give the same effortless effect. The top portion of the jumpsuit features a similar ruffle detail as seen throughout the collection as well. The movement in my look mimics the light-weight movement in the collection.

With the jumpsuit, I paired it with a statement necklace, which is where I strayed from the collection to make it more of my own style. Whereas in the alice + olivia runway show, they left the necks bare with very minimal jewelry, I chose to style mine with a rhinestone scalloped necklace to bring a sense of modernity to my personal style. I also paired my look with a leather bag featuring a houndstooth print, inspired by the statement black and white only looks in the collection. Overall, I translated the color story, movement, power, and silhouettes used in the collection into my own every day look.

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