STYLE GURU STYLE: Pop, Stripe and Denim It

No matter what season it is, stripes are always happening. Stripes have been popular for over 100 years dating back to prisoner stripes. What’s so great about stripes is they can be worn in shirts, pants, dresses and jackets while still looking great! Stripes also can be dressed down or dressed up for any occasion. I don’t think it matters who’s wearing stripes because everyone can pull it off.

Diane von Furstenberg really proved my point in her spring ready-to-wear collection. Model Candice Swanepoel pulled off a two-piece set stripe jacket and skirt while adding flare with the different designs used in her top and shoes.  When wearing stripes, one can never over do the look. You have to balance out every color you choose when picking out an outfit; balance really plays a vital key in fashion.

Although my outfit wasn’t half as impressive as this model’s, it still helps reflect the stripes in my outfit. She used spunk by adding different designs while I decided to tie some denim to my waist because a Fashionista/o can never go wrong with denim in an outfit. Denim this summer is really popular everywhere, and I would recommend having a piece of denim in your closet! I added a necklace to my look for a simple pop that wouldn’t interfere with the stripes. I toned down the outfit by wearing black loafers that were comfy on the feet and a black bag that just added a nice touch.

Get My Look: 1. Stripe dress. 2. Denim shirt. 3. Black shoes. 4. Necklace.