If someone were to look through my closet, they would notice I am not one to pick loud pieces of clothing. I am more of a neutral type of girl, and I definitely don’t usually stray towards sequin and patterns. But in the fashion world, you can’t stick to the neutral tones forever.

When it comes time to find some inspiration, and see how to spice up my wardrobe to add some excitement. To find this inspiration I looked at Kenzo fall 2015 ready-to-wear line. Kenzo’s line featured blanket-stripe shawls and poncho anoraks, which were made in darker patterns that demonstrated the coming of fall and cold weather. This line focused a lot on the detail of outerwear showing off jackets and ponchos that showed off colors for the fall season.

Jackets and coats are my favorite part of an outfit, and that’s mostly because the colder seasons are my favorite. Nothing makes a girl look more put together than a great coat to top off her look. Since I have such a passion for coats and Kenzo’s line definitely focused on outerwear, this inspired my ready for fall outfit. My outfit includes a shimmer-sleeve anorak coat from Anthropologie, which inspired me to stray from my neutrals and add some shimmer to my wardrobe. For bottoms I’m wearing black BDG black ripped jeans and Lucky Brand booties. This look also screams perfect for back to school!

Get My Look: 1. Shimmer-sleeve anorak. 2. Any pair of jeans. 3. Bootie heels