STYLE GURU STYLE: Pondering Plaid

Everything about No. 21’s spring ready-to-wear runway show was right up my alley. Plaid seemed to be the main theme around many of the looks. Military green was also spotted in various outfits on the runway. Mixing army green and plaid may sound extremely crazy, but oh does it work! Most of the outfits brought these combinations to the extreme, so I decided to try a toned down version. I absolutely love plaid, but not just on my shirts. Rocking plaid bottoms is unexpected and head turning. This collection brings out the unique side of pattern wearing which made me fall in love with it.

Normally when I wear my plaid bottoms, it is with a black shirt because I am nervous about clashing too much with the intense pattern. What I adore about these bottoms is that they are monochromatic. I decided to take a risk and by adding a deep green top, just like the runway show featured. Getting inspiration from the collection proved to me that this combination is nothing but right! I threw on a leather jacket that has sweatshirt sleeves to bring the same colors from the bottoms into the top of the outfit. Black combat boots that have a touch of gold were added to tie in the gold jewelry and to keep the focal point on the plaid pattern.

No. 21’s spring 2015 collection has taught me not to be too conservative when it comes to incorporating color with plaid. While the plaid I used was just black and gray, this show has pushed me to experiment with different colored plaid. Mixing plaid, patterns and colors shouldn’t be intimidating anymore!

Get My Look: 1. Plaid shirt or bottoms. 2. Dark green jeans or shirt. 3. A unique black jacket with sweatshirt material.  4. Minimalistic jewelry.