STYLE GURU STYLE: Polo-ing You Around

Who else likes to shop in the men’s department? Styling menswear in a way that either emphasizes its masculine nature or distorts it has been one of my favorite fashion trends. While there are days when I want to look extra effervescent by wearing head to toe floral patterns and flowy pieces, there are definitely more days when I just want to let loose in baggy, oversized casual wear.

Taking inspiration from the Lanvin spring 2016 menswear collection, I decided to style a baggy, gray polo shirt with classic boyfriend jeans to embrace and style, in my own unique way, traditional menswear. Although the Lanvin runway model allows the baggy polo shirt to hang over his figure, I decided to tuck my polo into my jeans and belt it in order to prevent the oversized structure from swallowing me as a whole. I decided to add more casual vibes and maximize comfort by slipping into my favorite pair of slip-ons.

Menswear can often be seen as belonging in a completely different fashion category from womenswear; however, it is important to keep in mind that every clothing piece can be endlessly manipulated to properly fit your body figure, suit your unique style tastes and express your individuality—and menswear is no exception!

I encourage you guys to abandon any sense of prejudice you might have toward different fashion items and experiment with them! I’m positive you’ll find your happy place along the way.

Get My Look: 1. Oversized gray polo shirt. 2. Boyfriend jeans. 3. Slip-ons.