STYLE GURU STYLE: Polished Wide Leg Trouser

Erdem Moralioglu, as reported by’s Tim Blanks, created a: “Fashion fantasia.” Such a grand description, and his collection truly was a dream. These fall 2015 ready-to-wear looks were newfangled and very detail oriented. His design elements made for a phantasmagorical runway collection. The wide leg trouser ensemble was particularly impactful, and I could not wait to wear a similar pair of pants that I bought a few months ago.

My inspiration flourished as I decided how I wanted to wear these easy going, but still fabulous and sophisticated, pants. On that note, this style of pants has been a part of my wardrobe for years. I was even fortunate enough to have found a way to pair them with my high school uniform. I have yet to give this style the boot, predominantly because these pants are very forgiving. Anything with a zipper that makes you feel and look like a Fashionista is a perpetual style choice.

Often with this style, the most suitable footwear for me would be a flat or a sandal. I was sure if I opted for a heel the wide leg trouser would turn into a flood, literally. Thus, as suspected, the Coach sandals were an excellent choice. A pop of color with an ankle strap and chain detail gave me an outline for the rest of my accessories. The color of the three-quarter length sleeved T-shirt matched the band of the gold faced Marc Jacobs watch. Sometimes it is best to add more than one item of the same color versus adding too shades to the mix. However, the other extreme is not always okay either. Monochromatic obviously works, but if you incorporate too much blending you will lose the emphasis you had hoped for. This is best explained by the difference between capturing a multicolored sunset and an elementary drawing of an all yellow sun. They’re the same thing, but each has a different influence on our eyes.

Some of the other minor details included the round, pale pink and gold earrings and my oversized Fendi sunglasses. To add something more to the look I chose a very light and draped open front jacket. My hands are never without some sort of jewelry; a costume skull ring and a vintage white opal vintage ring were paired. To match the shade of my shoes these bangles were fantastic and kept a true summer feel. I felt obligated to use this awesome vintage black and gold detail handbag. To me this bag is the closest thing I will carry to a standard leather briefcase. I think it maintained my natural, yet polished vibe. It worked here because it was well-balanced and didn’t look has-been or too sophisticated with the clothes. It was an amusing creative process from Moralioglu’s “ineffable wrongness” to my own finished rendition.

Get My Look: 1. The perfect wide leg trouser. 2. Draped open front jacket. 3. The tucked in shirt’s replacement.