STYLE GURU STYLE: Polished In Platforms

While I love the way high heels look, I cannot say I enjoy how they feel after I wear them for a few hours. For one reason, I am by no means a graceful person. Thus, I always just end up entertaining everyone around me as I attempt, and most often fail, to maintain my balance when I am walking in heels. Also, the blisters, aching arches and soreness from the uncomfortable straps and soles have kept me away from wearing them regularly. The only time I would be caught wearing heels are at formal events and special occasions.

However, I decided to give them another chance after seeing Victoria Backham’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear show. In her show, models glided down the runway in mid-length dresses and clunky platform sandals. The long hems of the dresses and thick platform shoes actually looked comfortable to wear. There was something so relaxed and polished about the outfits that I couldn’t help but be inspired to take my own spin on the look.

For my outfit, I wore a blue midi dress, a pair of platform sandals and a tan patent leather satchel. I accessorized by wearing two thin necklaces under the collar of my dress and a quirky silver bangle on my wrist. Though they may look daunting, platform shoes are shockingly easy to walk in due to the thick heel. And by wearing a longer dress, the height of the heels look less edgy and more reserved. This is a look that is still age appropriate yet mature enough to wear to the office or to an interview. Finding just the right balance is the key to any good outfit and to wearing high heels.

Get My Look: 1. A midi length dress. 2. A tan satchel. 3. Platform sandals.