STYLE GURU STYLE: Polished Grunge

We throw around the word “cool” pretty lightly these days to describe things we like or people we find interesting, but I think there are some things that have been truly, undeniably cool for decades. For instance, the girl who skateboards and plays the bass in a rock band, all while sporting perfectly messy hair and killer shoes, is indisputably cool. It’s exactly this type of cool girl that the Julien David resort 2016 collection represents. You can tell right away from the wet hair and deep purple lipstick that this type of girl is effortlessly stylish. Even the backdrop of the photos, which is made up of Japanese newspaper clippings and long boards, depicts the eclectic world of a cool girl.

The collection has a clear pattern of casual, urban pieces like denim skirts, utility jackets, combat boots and sneakers. Alone, these pieces follow punk and military trends. Then, they are paired with button-down shirts, floral pants and sleek, black dresses, which add an air of put together sophistication. The resulting, overall look is polished grunge.

I was really inspired by one particular outfit from the collection, which featured a denim circle skirt, boxy utility jacket and platform sneakers. Luckily, I already had similar items in my closet. I had an olive green jacket, rather than the bright blue one Julien David uses, and floral sneakers instead of plain white ones, but I felt like the pieces still fit the right vibe. To add the polished aspect to my own look, I added a white button-down shirt. I never would have thought to pair all these pieces together before, but I was happy with the result! It ended up feeling cool and unexpected, but still cohesive.

Get My Look: 1. A denim circle skirt. 2. A pair of platform sneakers. 3. An anorak jacket.