STYLE GURU STYLE: Playing With Prints

My friends know that I love a well put together, neutral outfit, and I must have a neutral in every outfit I wear. But sometimes neutral gets boring, so this summer I have decided to buy a few key wardrobe additions to play around with bolder prints. One designer that I have followed since high school, Max Azria, also hit the runway this spring with bold, all-over prints.

In Max Azria’s spring ready-to-wear 2016 collection, he brought a mix of neutral and printed looks. I was drawn to it because the color palette mimics my own wardrobe. What I love about the addition of his prints, is they are not the typical floral we have been seeing throughout the past few seasons. His prints are geometric, with mixes of floral and some almost look tie-dye.

I have also adopted a more relaxed style this summer. I am loving everything to flow and I am especially loving flowing, asymmetrical dresses or tops. Max Azria’s collection this past spring also features a relaxed look with loose dresses and pants and asymmetry in his designs.

To translate this look into my daily wardrobe, I decided to be bold with my prints, and buy something other than floral. Of course, I still had my neutral top, but I added a bold, printed maxi skirt that is the main piece of my outfit. The skirt is not a choice that I would have picked in the past, because of the boldness of the print, but this summer is about fun! I also loved how the skirt flowed; its shape is exactly what I am looking for this summer.

Get My Look: 1. Printed skirt. 2. Solid top. 3. Clutch.