STYLE GURU STYLE: Playing with Periwinkle

I was lucky enough to have spent the past week in the fashion capital of the world, New York City. It’s hard not to get inspiration while in the city, seeing as it is literally everywhere you turn. For those who dream of working in the fashion industry, this thought consumes your life while wandering the streets of Soho or Fifth Ave. Whether it be retail or couture that ignites your fire, you are destined to find a flame in NYC.

I am always lusting after the hottest runway trends while knowing that I am no where near being able to afford them. Recently, I stumbled upon Wes Gordon’s 2015 resort collection and it was love at first sight. The cool white and periwinkle hues with hints of burnt orange were right up my alley. I have always been a fan of juxtaposition in my outfits and this collection played that up perfectly. While a $1,200 dress wasn’t quite in my reach, I knew this color palette was something I could work with.

Finding a color palette from a runway show that you adore is a foolproof way to ensure you can draw inspiration from the look while also keeping the integrity of your personal style. I tried to combine pieces I already owned to match the laid-back feel of this collection. These photos were taken while I was out all day in the city so comfort was key. A sweater and heels weren’t the best combination for 90-degree weather, so I instead opted for shorts, tennis shoes and a camisole. To top it off (get it?), I went with this hat to bring in the cooler gray tones and to protect my pale face from the sun. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with my translation of this runway show and I was able to stay cool, both in temperature and in looks, all day long.

Get My Look: 1. A periwinkle camisole. 2. A colorful bralette. 3. Some white denim shorts. 4. A rad baseball cap. 5. Classic Converse.