STYLE GURU STYLE: Playfully Paisley

We’re nearing the end of August, and that’s too much to take in; I need a moment. Alright, I’m good.

Now, just because summer is nearing an end doesn’t mean that our summery styles are going to end! This week, I was bitten by the inspiration bug after taking a look at the alice + olivia resort 2016 collection. It is full of paisley and floral prints, and there are some darker colors mixed with a few vibrant pops. What caught my eye the most was a cream and navy paisley dress—it was pretty breathtaking (and that’s not just the heat talking).

The dress actually reminded me of a loose pair of shorts that I own but rarely ever wear, which is the story of my life.

This week, I wore a my cream and navy paisley shorts that have a silhouette similar to that of a skirt. In two words, they’re “ridiculously flowy.” They don’t restrict my body and keep me cool on the hottest of days! I paired my focus piece with a maroon crop top from Brandy Melville. I love the look of darker colors, even in the summertime. The collection definitely made darker colors a prominent element. Since I was wearing navy and maroon, two rich, deep colors that blend so well together, I decided to wear neutral rose gold sandals. Although they had some gems on them, they didn’t end up taking any attention away from my shorts.

Get My Look: 1. Flowy paisley shorts. 2. Cable knit crop top. 3. Rose gold sandals.