STYLE GURU STYLE: Playful Sophistication

Playful and sophisticated are the two favorite qualities that I possess; I can have a good time while still taking myself seriously when necessary. These two qualities are seen in my outfits and I have no problem showing them off.

Anyone who knows me recognizes my love for kate spade because the brand essentially defines my personality. kate spade new york is classy while still demonstrating a playful edge in its designs, especially in the fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. The use of bows near the chest area of the blouses draws your attention to the playful aspect of the ensembles while still maintaining professional appearances. Oxford pumps are classic kate spade items because they give off a ‘mischievous, but serious student’ vibe.

If you can spot a kate spade look from a mile away, like I can, you would realize that this outfit was undoubtedly inspired by kate spade new york. The blush-colored blouse with the bow around the neckline and the black oxford pumps are iconic features of the kate spade look. The black and white colors in the shorts added to the professionalism and sophistication of the ensemble while the interesting pattern of the shorts enhanced the vivacious quality in the look. The blush-colored blouse paired perfectly with the neutral shoes and shorts by offering just enough color to liven up the look.

An outfit like this is professional enough to wear to work or an internship, and whimsical enough to wear during shopping trips with girlfriends. With the fall semester just around the corner, this outfit is also an ideal back to school look that would leave positive, long-lasting impressions. Who doesn’t enjoy a little positive attention?

Get My Look: 1. A blouse with a bow near the neckline. 2. Shorts with a fun pattern. 3. A pair of black oxford pumps.