STYLE GURU STYLE: Playful Prints

The fall 2015 ready-to-wear runway show by Giorgio Armani made my jaw drop. Every ensemble down the catwalk did not look like pieces of clothing put together but a meticulously thought out work of art. Yes, most of his masterpieces consisted of pants and jackets, but that’s what I love about Armani! He mastered his own craft. No one knows pants and jackets better than Armani. Even though he stayed true to what he knows, such as his simple prints, signature jackets and color palette, he also experimented with loose collars and pants that display a sarong wrap in the front. Armani is simple, but his mastery work inspires me to dress in colors, something I certainly never do.

As someone who owns nothing but black in her wardrobe, I decided to play with colors and prints today. After digging deeply into my closet abyss, I found a multicolored, multi-printed turtleneck sweater and a gray tribal print cardigan. I paired it with navy blue pants that was inspired by one of Armani’s looks. I also went for these cool gold-rimmed sunglasses. And, to complete the final look, I decided to wear these black leather oxford shoes.

This fall 2015 runway show taught me to stay true to myself but still have an open mind with colors and prints. Like I said before, black is the only thing you can find in my closet. I feel that it is both classy and classic at the same time. Experimenting with colors and prints that I would not normally wear was so much fun! It is certainly easy to stick to what you know, but sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zones. Giorgio Armani taught me that!

Get My Look: 1. Cool faux patent leather oxfords. 2. A fun turtleneck sweater. 3. A printed cardigan that goes well with everything.