March 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

Every year during the releases of ready-to-wear collections, I look forward to the Moschino fashion show the most. The bright colors, oversized everything and cartoon characters appealed to my inner child the most. This year there was a lot of quilted looks, from bralettes to winter jackets, that reminded me of camping and snuggling in a sleeping bag around the fire. But my favorite ones, again, were the sweatshirts. My favorite Warner Brothers characters walked down the runway during this year’s show.

While I may not be as adventurous as Moschino, I like a good sweatshirt, especially in a bright color. That’s why when I saw the bright red “Pizza, New York” one on NASTY GAL, I knew I couldn’t pass it by. And just like any purchase I make online, this one was not just the hedonic impulse but a utilitarian one as well. The need for pizza and New York will always be real in my life.

I wore my sweatshirt with some black jeans and booties, and I couldn’t resist throwing on my favorite black stocking cap. There is actually a very sad haircut situation going on, but maybe I can tell you about it some other time. And since it’s only now getting warmer in Minnesota, I had to wear a coat over it, so I went for my vintage fur coat that brings out the Russian in me.

I am not exactly sure how many people I’ve inspired to go and get pizza after they saw me wearing the sweatshirt, but I can be honest here for a moment and say that I end up having pizza every time I wear it—pepperoni and pineapple with some garlic sauce—yum!

Get My Look: 1. Pizza, New York sweatshirt. 2. Black fur coat. 3. Black skinny jeans.