STYLE GURU STYLE: Pins, Patches and Jackets... Oh My!

Break out your iron and make sure you don’t stick yourself, because the pins and patches we were all familiar with decades ago are here, there and everywhere. It’s another trend come full circle and I am embracing this one with my wallet wide open. I mean c’mon, with the thousands of modernized and vintage style pins and patches available by just about every retailer, I can make my outfits my very own. Winning!

With inspiration rooted from Marc Jacobs resort 2017 runway looks, I created my look with the ideas behind his artistic style. In the show, just about every model wore an embellished jacket, with the style ranging from cropped and tailored to oversized and relaxed (my favorite). But when pulled together, the looks were anything but relaxed. Opposites attract? Camouflage, checkers and cheetah… oh my! Marc Jacobs combined opposite-ends-of-the-spectrum with his fabrics creating an off-the-wall ‘80s themed ensemble. Do you see the pink, purple, blue and yellow color palettes? I can hear Betsy Johnson applauding from here.

I took the Cyndi Lauper vibes and toned it down a notch… or 10. I switched out the hot pink pants for a pair of good old blue jeans and the mix-matched jackets for a ‘90s vintage and oversized denim piece. I chose to do a neutral slip to not distract from my embellishments. The pins I’ve picked scream out my favorite mantra: stay classy and a bit sassy! Can’t let the people miss that.

Specifically my outfit includes an actual refurbished vintage jacket, but you can get one just like it from ASOS. As for the pins, the heartbreaker set can be snatched up at Express and the patch came from an Etsy shop. Note: Etsy is the best because chances are, no one is else is going to have what you’ve bought from there… points for originality! The run-of-the-mill blue jeans allowed my outfit to flow; an obvious staple for every Fashionista. Lastly, I added large sunglasses for dramatics and topped it all off with some eye-catching heels!

What’s best about this look is I can revamp it over and over again with the flick of a switch (or the change of a pin). I can showcase my attitude, my likes and dislikes and create the type of vibes I want to give off within my style. Now that’s rad.

Get My Look: 1. A throwback jean jacket. 2. Trendy pins and patches. 3. Oversized sunglasses.