Sometimes a jacket can be plain boring but when adding accessories it can turn out to be one of your favorites. Recently I’ve started to add some pins to my jackets to spice it up. This is a cheap way to bring some life to jackets! They have a lot of great pins on an online store called Etsy, that are very rare and not seen in most stores. Etsy is a store online that allows anyone to sell their merchandise. I’ve never seen most things featured on Etsy in the mall.

Two sets of my pins I got from concerts and another set I got from Forever 21. The pins on the left of my jeans jacket are merchandise from a band called LANY and the pin on the right is from a Coldplay concert. These can serve as great souvenir to remember a fun night! Plus, they are cheaper than T-shirts but even more fashionable. On my black jacket I have three pins from Forever 21. Forever 21 has very cheap pin sets but not that much of a selection. They are very basic but a great buy if you are just starting out your collection! I know Urban Outfitters has some in stores but they can be a bit more expensive than Forever 21.

In the Sacai spring 2017 menswear show there are little pieces of fabric that look like little pins stuck to the side of the jackets featured. The fabric and pins do the same thing by spicing up a plain jacket to make it more interesting!

My outfit features black and white shorts from Target, a grey T-shirt from Urban Outfitters, two denim jackets from Urban Outfitters and sunglasses from Pacsun.

Get My Look: 1. Necklace 2. Shorts 3. Sneakers 4. Pins 5. Socks.