STYLE GURU STYLE: Perfectly Proportioned

While perusing, I came across this look by Anthony Vaccarello. I knew when I saw this look that I could definitely turn it into something college girls could wear in everyday life. I really like how this look plays with proportions. For my take on this runway look, I made it more appropriate for what a college student would wear on a normal day. I’m in love with how billowy the top is, while the skirt is close fitting. I used this silhouette as inspiration when looking in my own closet.

As I’m sure we all know, high-waisted shorts are all the rage right now, so I took my black high-waisted shorts and paired it with this green, Zara button-down. The shorts are form-fitting, just like the skirt in the inspiration picture, so I tucked in half of the button-down so that the shirt was still breezy and had movement. To bring some more personal flare to my outfit, I added this super cool hat. It’s a new addition to my closet and is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I especially like the spiky detailing on it because it adds that extra element of pizzazz that brings the outfit up a notch.

For footwear, I decided to chuck on these Birkenstock look-a-likes. I love the round, studded detailing on the sides. Not only are these shoes super comfortable, but they also make the outfit trendier. What more could we ask for?

Get My Look: 1. A flowy shirt. 2. High-waisted shorts. 3. A hat.