STYLE GURU STYLE: Patterned Princess

Hello again fellow Fashionistas/os! Once again I am here to talk about my own personal style in the form of one of my go-tos: sundresses. I must say, while people are excitedly sporting their shorts and crop tops, I am more excited about showing off my massive wardrobe of summer dresses! There’s nothing I hate more than constantly wearing a boring pair of jean shorts all summer and in my opinion, there is nothing more uncomfortable. I mean come on, what is better than being able to throw on one clothing item and head out the door?

As for this outfit, I was inspired by Chanel’s resort 2016 collection. This collection was full of playful and colorful patterns. Each piece in the collection had a sense of uniqueness. Neutrals paired with brights and neons made a bold statement throughout the collection. I took in not only the patterned theme but incorporated both a neutral color and vivid color as well!

Mixing patterns can be difficult and can scare many people off. So, for my outfit, I kept the pattern mixing to a minimal. My sundress features a fun fuchsia-and-white–colored floral pattern with black spaghetti straps. Though my outfit is simple and straightforward I wanted to spice it up a little bit. Adding a trendy turquoise leaf necklace was a cool way I mixed and matched colors in my look and was an easy way to keep my outfit similar to the Chanel collection. To tie it all together, I added a pair of black Steve Madden sandals with  distinctive gold, decorative details.

This week, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and I encourage you to do the same. Don’t let patterns scare you, and definitely don’t be afraid to make a statement with bold colors.

Get My Look: 1. A patterned sundress. 2. A colorful simple necklace. 3. A pair of Steve Madden sandals.