STYLE GURU STYLE: Pattern Pleaser!

One month into summer and all I can find myself drawn to is patterns! During these hot summer months, I love centering my outfits on my ever-changing style but also focusing on comfort at the same time. Because, really, who wants to be walking around in this summer heat more uncomfortable then they have to be? (certainly not me).

For this look, I found my inspiration from Valentino’s resort 2017 collection. Recently, I have been obsessed with florals and it’s all I seem to find in my wardrobe nowadays so it is absolutely refreshing to see this collection combine florals, animal prints, camouflage and vibrant colors. This collection consists of many deep reds and blues that blend together effortlessly, which is not something I would usually expect from a summer collection. This concept really resonated with me and inspired me to try something different in my own wardrobe.

The focal point of my outfit is quite clearly the romper. This has to be one of my favorite pieces simply because it contains so many different patterns layered on top of each other creating a striped effect. It channels Valentino’s collection through the use of the dark red, orange and blue found throughout the patterns. Because the romper itself draws so much attention, the next step really is just adding accessories. The sandals with gold really added an extra feminine touch to the outfit without the look becoming too overwhelming and the sunglasses give a vibrant pop without taking over the outfit. Another aspect inspired by the collection is the small long-strap leather bag that can be sported with any outfit during any time of the day. The combination of accessories keeps the focus on the main piece while also promoting the simplicity of the whole look.

In addition to all of the patterns on this romper, the variety of vibrant orange and deep blue with hints of light green and pink keep this look feeling as summery as ever! There are endless ways to wear this outfit while still staying comfortable and simplistic and easy to wear effortlessly during the summer days!

Get My Look: 1. Smocked back romper. 2. Gold detailed sandals. 3. Sunglasses.