Being a shy person, I can truly say that my personal style is a big concept for me. Not wanting to speak out to new people kind of keeps my personality hidden and keeps people from getting to really know me. As a way to get around my shyness, I try to express myself through two things I really love, fashion and my wardrobe.

My wardrobe I would say is a huge part of me because it tells people who I am. Because I have such a connection to my wardrobe it is ever-changing, which does not help my bank account, oh well. I go through changes from time to time, whether it is with the seasons or with something new happening in my life. These changes cause my wardrobe to change too. No matter how big the change, I will always have certain wardrobe pieces that are too close to my heart to ever let go of.

When finding my wardrobe I always look for styles of pieces that I know will work on my body type. I currently am into going with the flow with pieces that I already have in my wardrobe due to a lack of time to shop, but hoping a shopping spree is in the near future. For me, I always want to feel comfortable in what I wear, mainly why I stick to styles I know will fit and work for me.

With this specific look, I wanted to stay cool and comfy on a day of classes. Throughout this semester I have been sticking to my sweatpants and hoodies because I am guilty of being too lazy to dress up most days and because of that, I wanted a day where I showed a little bit of who I am. I mean you cannot really tell much from someone wearing leggings and an oversize sweatshirt. So, wanting to express myself I decided to go with a pair of loose patterned pants. I paired the pants with a simple crop sweater and added some sandals because it was actually above 50 degrees and, well, I needed to celebrate.

Let your style be a little of you. Do not focus on being the best dressed or the most trendy, because sometimes your outfits can just have too much going on when that is your only goal. Dress for yourself, show everyone the fabulous person you want them to know you are.