STYLE GURU STYLE: Pastels, Textures and Prints, Oh My!

Alessandro Michele, the creative director of a tiny fashion house that you may have heard of, said that he is a collector; “I love taking prints, embroidery, appliqués—precious things that seem to be from another time—and using them to create a contemporary, new story.” Michele’s inspiration for Gucci’s spring 2016 collection was drawn from many places and time periods. He took patterns and embellishments from imperial China as well as folk needlepoint from 19th century America, combined with style of the ancient regime of France. Holy moly! Talk about everything and the kitchen sink—which just so happens to be my style. I am a firm believer that more is more!

So channeling Michele’s beautiful vision, I started off with some pleated, cropped pajama trousers to give my look that texture that is seen throughout the collection. I paired it with a simple cropped tank top to keep the outfit from getting too busy. I topped it all off with an Asian-inspired bomber jacket. A bomber jacket, in my amateur opinion, is the “it” garment of the season. You may be thinking, “Who wears a jacket in the summer?” And perhaps you’re right! But I think no matter what time of year it is, a bomber jacket is a great piece that can be worn so many different ways. Next I added some touches of gold throughout my look with my gold heels, gold-framed sunglasses and rose gold evil eye necklace. Gucci and gold go together like peanut butter and jelly, right? The one element to my look that is drastically different from the Gucci collection is the colors. Gucci is all about vibrant jewel tones and rich colors—my outfit consists solely of muted, pastel tones. Pastels have been very hot this season and I wanted to give my look that extra element to be a bit trendier.

Get My Look: 1. Pleated pants. 2. Any plain tank top. 3. Zara printed bomber jacket. 4. Topshop metallic heel. 5. Jennifer Zeuner evil eye necklace. 6. Chloé sunglasses.