STYLE GURU STYLE: Pastels, Please!

It’s official, I’ve fallen in love with Peter Jensen’s 2016 resort collection. It’s everything I could want in a collection; pastels, fun graphics and the perfect mix of basics and colors. He plays with bright colors that transition perfectly from spring to summer. My favorite parts of the collection are the ice cream graphics that appear on his sweatshirts and blouses! Fun patterns are a must for every collection, at least in my opinion.

However, I can’t get enough of Jensen’s use of pastels. Pastels have been all the rage lately, as seen on celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Katy Perry. They’re easy to accessorize and can bring girly, bright elements to even the toughest of outfits. I personally love pairing pastel blouses with leather jackets to mix and match styles. Jensen does this well, mixing rough and edgy with fun and flirty in nearly every outfit in his collection.

I decided to channel Jensen’s pastel plays into an outfit while still incorporating his black and white elements. I chose a light purple sweater for the subtle summer touch, but the hot Atlanta air forced me to tie it around my waist after a little while. I added pastel purple lipstick and light purple eyeshadow to add more of Jensen’s pastels to the outfit. This sleeveless, white blouse is one of my favorite pieces I own; the detailing on the collar takes it from basic to bold. The black skirt kept the outfit girly and playful, while the black slip-ons keep it casual and gave it a slight athletic vibe, which Jensen also plays up.

Get My Look: 1.Pick a fun, light colored sweater in a pastel color. 2. Layer it over a sleeveless blouse. 3. Find a fun black skirt 4. Finish it off with some fun slip-ons and accessorize with makeup as you feel fit!