I give you pastel with some edge. This mind-blowing trend has taken over the runways in preparation for the fall sales. Pre-fall 2016 also gave way to trends such as denim on denim, lace and those empowering topcoats.

My inspiration developed specifically from the Giorgio Armani pre-fall 2016 collection. His floral dresses were used for a different purpose. This collection turned the flower child into a chic rebel, by getting her dress dirty on the streets of New York. Armani took a layered, pastel blue maxi dress and added combat boots.

In my look, I used ripped jeans to create a slight sense of rebellion. This look pictures the girl who wants to remain traditional, yet realizes her dress is too short for the real world and finally has this crazy idea to throw on some ripped jeans in order to step out of her norm. However, this pastel pink dress is essential. I noticed the black flowers on the top of the dress and immediately saw one of the pre-fall 2016 trends. Pastels are dainty colors, but with a spin of black, I found a way to pastel me edgy.

When focusing on the rest of the look, I decided to flaunt my rounded, Armani Exchange sunglasses to add femininity. Plus, this is the only item in my closet close to the Giorgio Armani brand… for now. All in all, the look is empowering, but not intimidating. Remember to keep the outfit classy and that it is okay to give an edge to your rebellious side.

Get My Look: 1. Any pastel pink dress. 2. A pair of ripped jeans. 3. Armani Exchange sunglasses.