STYLE GURU STYLE: Paper, Plastic or Pleather

From jackets to dresses to pants and even more, the leather trend has appeared on countless runways this season. My favorite way to display the leather trend is with a handbag. Because of the versatility of the fabric, depending on the size and shape of the bag, it can be worn in all seasons. Gucci, Valentino, Céline and Thom Browne are just a snippet of the designer’s that have adopted the leather bag trend in spring 2016 runway shows. Fendi, on the other hand, did not just display the trend but mastered it. This spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection features countless leather bags rocked alongside fabulous dresses, skirts and rompers. Whether totes or clutches, the leather bags are making a statement of their own. My favorite features of the line are straps that hang lower and are larger than the actual bag itself.

I translated this trend into my look with my faux leather tote bag. Paired with a chambray shirt and jeans that make for a simple and chic, denim on denim look and black boots. I am allowing the attention to go straight to the tote. To tie all of the colors together, I wore a colorful, beaded statement necklace. The plum bag, plum beads found in the necklace and plum colored lips make for some cohesive elements.

With faux leather, you can not only save more money but become environmentally friendly as well.  By swapping out your fine leather for pleather you are avoiding having to wear fabric that is made from the skin of animals and is made inside of a factory instead. So you can get a sleek look without the sacrifice! In addition to the environmental and economical benefits, faux leather is so much more versatile than real leather. It can be made with so many different colors and can be worn in any season no matter what the weather depending on how it is styled. The best part is that you cannot even tell the difference between the two!

So the next time you go to purchase a handbag, just remember: Paper, plastic or pleather?

Get My Look: 1. Faux leather tote bag. 2. A chambray shirt. 3. A statement necklace.