STYLE GURU STYLE: Palazzo Pants in Winter

Sometimes it takes going outside of the comfort zone to get out of a style rut. Apiece Apart spring 2015 runway show did just that for me. I’m a simple type of gal and this show brought bold geometric patterns, bold colors and different proportions that inspired me to not be so scared to stray from being simple. The collection had palazzo pants, oversized coats and boxy crop tops that were accompanied with bold colors and geometric patterns. What I was so inspired by was the use of the oversized coats paired with pieces that were airy, light and comfortable. The collection was bold, yet had a sense of ease to it. This collection will be perfect for spring, especially when transitioning from winter to spring. By taking pieces, such as crop tops and palazzo pants, that are tucked away for summer, and throwing on an oversized coat on top, you will get this runway trend.

As I said, I like being simple without overdoing it. However, it was time for a little challenge for myself to get outside of my comfort zone. Also, I needed to find a way to stay warm now that there is snow on the ground. So, I wanted to incorporate my favorite part of the Apiece Apart collection—the use of oversized coats over spring and summer pieces. I wore a colored oversized coat over a striped crop top and black palazzo pants.

This was a challenge that was a fun. Success! Have fun and take a challenge, as the new semester starts, to come out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Get this look: 1. The statement oversized coat. 2. A bold patterned crop top. 3. The perfect palazzo pants.