It’s too hot to wear jeans, sweatpants just aren’t sexy and tights can only be worn so many times. What’s the solution to this problem? Palazzo pants, that’s what! Don’t get me wrong, shorts and skirts are appropriate for this sweltering season but palazzo pants are “it.” They have fun patterns that make it easy to dress up with almost anything and you’re sure to stand out in a pair.

Taking inspiration from alice + olivia pre-fall 2015 collection, I decided to wear my palazzo pants that feature a few tradition fall colors (black, beige and red). Since it’s too hot to wear a black, long-sleeve sheer shirt like the model shown in the first look, I decided to coordinate with my favorite graphic T-shirt, which pictures fashion icon Audrey Hepburn instead.

Just about all of the models featured in this fashion show have on a pair of black, closed-toe heel. I chose to wear my black, strap-up booties from Charlotte Russe. They are open-toe, the opposite of what’s exhibited in this line, but it is summer—my feet need to breathe.

I thought I’d make it a little more fun and unique, so I added a body chain. Body chains aren’t necessary but they are the hottest new accessory. They can be purchased from several retail stores, but Claire’s has the best variety in my opinion.

All of the models appear to be wearing a nude lipstick. Although I do have lipstick on, I switched it up and chose a plum color. Things are going to be slightly different when getting influence from a fall fashion line and exhibiting it during the summer—especially as far as materials and colors go. On my lips is a purple L’Oreal lipstick labeled “335 Embrace” that I purchased from Walmart.

Combining pieces of fall from the alice + olivia collection and my personal touches of summer allows me to look good while still being “in season”.

Get My Look: 1. Palazzo pants. 2. Graphic T-shirt. 3. Black heels.