I particularly love clothing that can translate itself into artsy looking styles. I have an appreciation for colors and textures, especially when it comes to fashion. The Issa resort 2016 used interesting and articulate colors and patterns. Their runway clothing colors consist of blues, yellows, and blacks with an occasional orange and white thrown in. In some of the designs, the colors are splotched in a certain pattern on the fabric. I appreciate the blotchy colors on their clothing, as it gives an artistic look to the outfit.

My outfit identifies with look two; I chose to replicate the artsy style as my designs have colors that are blotched and splattered across my clothes. I loved how the color hues complement the other, making each one stand out. I love how the blacks, yellows and blues overlap and drizzle upon each other. It looks as though a paint brush has been swiped in random strokes and splattered across the shirt. My pants look as though they have been marble painted or even watercolored. The genie pants are light and cool, and have an elastic comfortable black belt-like waist line. This shirt has matching pants that are identical to it, but I wanted to play around with different clothing that hold the same design concept—just like “Look 2” on the runway displays.

Get My Look: 1. Paint splattered harem pants 2. Paint splattered crop top 3. Some cute criss-cross strapped heels.